Oh Malachi!

The memoir is a common conceit in gay male literature.  It’s themes often provide universal touchstones for which gay readers can relate.

Whether it be the trauma of coming out to your  family,  awkwardly learning how to shave your pubic hair or performing sodomy for the very first time,  a good memoir often provides the gay reader with at least one experience they can relate to.

There is a burgeoning sub genus in the gay memoir movement,  I like to call  “I was a buck naked porn star in the wilderness then I was found” type of memoir.  In these publications a gay porn star relates their Chaka Khan-through-the-fire tales of fast living and coming through the other side with their souls, if not exactly intact, at least with an interesting filmography to show for it.

My baby daddy, Bobby Blake wrote one. My other baby daddy, Aiden Shaw wrote one.   So did him and him and him.

While reading for (cough) research,   I came across an interesting post about a new novel that is going to join the gay-porn-memoir pantheon.   Randy’s star Malachi Marx is taking pre-orders for his new memoir “Gay 4 Pay” which he incisively describes as follows:

“I had a unique, marketable mixture of mysteriousness, intelligence, and raw sexuality that propelled me to the forefront of the gay porn industry. Utilizing my body and personality, I made an art out of performing and struck a chord with an audience that spanned the world. This book is a journey through the joys and struggles that I endured during the past year of my X-Rated life. This book is a chemistry of illustrations, pictures, and confessions that unveil the battle between good and evil within the body of a so-called “sex god.”

Confessions! Good vs. Evil!  X-Rated life!  This book sounds epic!  It is like if  the  Chronicles of Narnia series, a Xaviera Hollander novel,  the website all had a orgy and from that unholy dalliance  a baby was born, then that baby grew up to be a studly, slightly plucked, horny tell-all book:  That book would be “GAY 4 PAY”.

Mr. Malachi nee Sex God, and future baby daddy or momma (I am versatile folks!) consider one copy sold, because I’m buying a copy.

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This guy is hot! Going to miss him on RandyBlue.

Hjay added these pithy words on Nov 17 09 at 7:03 pm

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