(It looks like someone dropped the intergalactic soap.)

Fanfiction, pieces of writing completed by fans about their favorite subjects in popular culture, has been with us for a while.

In the fabulously geeked-out world of  fanfiction,  Magneto and Professor Xavier can be star- crossed mutant  lovers torn apart by their differing ideology, Batman and Commissioner Gordon can be partners in more than just simply fighting crime, and Luke Skywalker and Han Solo can turn that famous cantina in Star Wars into a quaint gay bar.

So what is the history of this genre?

The folks at Cracked.com have a great blog post about the origins of the various types of  fanfiction. Apparently it all started with the original Star Trek:“Fanfiction had its beginnings among Star Trek fans in the 70′s, who would trade homemade zines with collected stories about their favorite characters.” 

Also, Cracked provides a special segment on the origins of gay fanfiction, also know as Slash fiction: “Slash, or fanfiction including a sexual relationship between two male characters, began with female Star Trek fans noticing that Spock and Kirk kind of had a thing…. Fans started calling the pairing ‘Spock/Kirk’ or ‘Spock slash Kirk’, and a genre was born. It is preferable that the two male characters depicted in slash are not at all involved canonically.”


For a comprehensive fansite and fanlisting for slash fanfiction check out  the website Subtext by clicking here.

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